Hi, my name is Dane. I write, build community, and regard an openness to understanding as a guiding value in my life. If it means anything to you, I’m an INFP; a Type Five; and my top five strengths are Learner, Input, Context, Strategic, and Intellection.

Photo by Jesse Paul.

Photo by Jesse Paul.


Some highlights from the last five-ish years have involved: self-publishing a book of prose and poetry; co-establishing an education program in Chicago; co-founding a community building non-profit in Fargo; living with monks in the high desert of New Mexico; launching a coffee roastery with my brothers in our hometown in Northern California; and consulting on eco-tourism projects in Nicaragua.

What now…

Location: Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois*

Reading: The Overstory by Richard Powers. For a full list of what I’ve read so far in 2019 click right here.

Writing: My good friend Muffadal Saylawala and I are steadily working on his memoir, which you can get an overview of right here. Also, check out my blog for most recent stories and poems.

Coffee: You can always find specialty-grade, freshly roasted coffees to enjoy from my company Clementine Coffee Roasters. We ship anywhere in the country, and offer a subscription service.

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* QUICK REQUEST: As I settle back into Chicago, I’m seeking ways to support causes and/or companies that care about sustainability, ecology, holistic health treatment, consciousness, counseling, and community building.

If you work in any of these areas, I’m open to chat over coffee/tea to learn more about you and what you do. We can connect virtually or in person, depending on where I am/you are. Email me to set up a time.

Thanks in advance for any thought-work or leads you may provide.

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