Dear Reader,

Over the last decade, a love for doing work that's healing and hopeful has led me to collaborations in reimagining higher education, community building, and producing works of music and poetry

Currently, I employ myself as a freelance writer, contributing to causes and companies that serve people, do good, and think long term. (You can view my portfolio here.) 

If you have any questions about working with me, please reach out

Peace and good,


My site serves a few different purposes. Here's the overview:

  • Blog: Almost weekly, I share stories themed around psychology, spirituality, and creative living, as well as book reports. If you like what you find there, then subscribe to receive these writings directly in your inbox. As a welcome, you'll receive a free download of my book.    
  • Book: In June 2016, some friends and I Kickstarted a book of my poems and prose paired with their photos called Rambles, for poetic wanderers. It's a limited edition, so I encourage you to snag one before they're gone.  
  • Projects: Not fully appreciative of the sterile structure provided by LinkedIn, I've posted, in visual and narrative formats, work and experiences that have shaped my vocational life.  
  • Instagram: I am most active over there these days. Please join me. For a taste of what my feed looks like, scroll to the bottom of this page. 
  • Contact: For writing inquiries, projects, or collaborations, shoot me an email.