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2018 - Northern California & China

2017 - Los Angeles; Nicaragua; China; & Northern California

2016 - San Francisco; Fargo, ND; Guernsey; & Los Angeles

  • Self-published a book of poems, photos, and prose, funded through Kickstarter

  • Wrote a lot of poetry while enrolled in a controversial counseling training program

2015 - Northern California & Fargo, ND

  • Co-created a toolkit/curriculum called Leap Kit alongside Victor Saad

  • Explored jungles in Nicaragua in efforts to create an organic farm and eco-lodge  

  • Co-founded a community-building nonprofit called Folkways in Fargo, ND

  • Recorded my favorite hymn from my time at the monastery (watch/listen here)

2014 - Chicago; New Mexico; & Fargo, ND

  • Co-founded the world’s most chilled-out movement, Hammock Initiative  

  • Wrote grants and stories for Misfit, Inc. in Fargo, ND

  • Observed 40 days of silence at a desert monastery in New Mexico (watch here)

2013 - Northern California & Chicago

2012 - Northern California; New Zealand; Australia; Thailand; & India

  • Explored New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and India for seven months

  • Quit job, sold everything, and boarded a one-way flight across the world

  • Employed as a social worker for Placer County

2011 - Northern California

2010 - Northern California & Nationwide Tour

  • Wrote articles alongside the editorial team at Sacramento Press

  • Completed a nationwide music tour with my folk rock band

2009 - Northern California; Kenya; & Tanzania

  • Served alongside an NGO in East Africa during the summer

  • Composed and recorded an album titled Lesser Loves

2008 - Northern California

  • Earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Counseling Psychology & Biblical Theology

2003 - Europe

  • Backpacked through 12 European nations for six months at the pliable age of 17