My response to being called a "cuck"

label me sympathizer with an oppressed resistance
that minority insistent on dignity
and respect
and belonging

they're out in the streets that no one owns
the streets we use together
to meet noisily
where loud anger defends quiet hurt

the streets
a tax-funded stage
where private thoughts emerge
into public chants

meanwhile, you maintain
an insulated privacy
ducked behind a screen
a coward empowered

demonstrate a reflexive hate
two thumbs to regurgitate rehearsed rhetoric
lobbing violence into lives
only knowing from a glowing distance

unwilling to walk among those suffering
you make brave love a matter of foreign affairs
a concern kept too distant to care
left to professionals

or elected officials
or cucks
or liberals
because brave love doesn’t always act so civil

not policy
love, unlike war
is not won by force

if you're present there behind your screen
welcome to the world as it now spins
not turning away from lives that rattle your cages
go greet what rages in our country outside