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Natural State

I find the manmade world to be merely tolerable;

a manipulated rendition of select natural qualities

with a domesticated lifestyle so dominant it feels unquestionably correct.

Until you question it.

Then you learn that bare feet can tell you a lot about the ground,

natural air gives you room to breathe,

and the elements can teach your body how to change gradually.

So give me boulders to climb,

flowing rivers to float upon,

campfires for warmth and light,

let me sleep between two trees under stars at night.

Let birds and dawn wake me in the morning,

with chirping songs that dance upon silence.

Let me eat food that grows in newly-turned soil,

pluck berries from their bushes,

and tomatoes from their vines.

We are all easily shaped,

but I want to keep my natural state.

We can live nearly anywhere on earth.

Yet, when exposed to nature again,

we see that surviving and thriving are sourced in different worlds.

Let's bring back the one that thrives.

My response to being called a "cuck"

Recently, after sharing my thoughts on the benefits of white privileged men facing discomfort uncharacteristic of their race and gender now and again, I was blindsided by a commenter calling me "a fucking cuck." After looking up the word – an insult used among the alt-right to shame fellow white men reluctant to exploit their strength – I was enraged. After the anger cooled, however, I did what any cuck would do; I wrote this poem:

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