Be Filled, Then Overflow

May 19, 2015 Fargo, ND

Societal standards are fatal,

As trivial tasks poke holes in our cups

And we drain life for the appearance of productivity

We must be filled before we can overflow

What does hustle and bustle make?

Does it offer sustenance?

First, feed yourself with perspective and beauty

A soul that’s full will share

One that’s starved will take

9 - 5 is a guideline that’s been contrived to keep you running in place

Work within it, if it’s working for you

But only if it’s leading to an end you’re eager to reach

If you leave it, trust that you won’t be alone for long

Many others have known the numbed-out pains of resignation to monotony

And many of them have escaped

Don’t be fooled, or fool yourself, into doing more

I’ve met many lively people who’ve confessed they’re dead inside