Ego be gone, like dark flees the bright.

I now belong to the sun.

Where confusion once resided, peace has made a bed.

Where anxiety once motivated, courage took a stand.

Where pride once reigned, humility surrendered all.

Now, I’ve been made free to be here now.

My body in a world within a universe beyond my grasp.

I remain a beautiful speck.

Nothing has become opportunity.

Everything has become beloved.

Shadows bend and fall from brick walls,

Hope flashes beams upon them.

The light in my eyes is illumined from elsewhere,

From within, without, with all.

Living fire consumes ambition like dry kindling.

Sacrificial love is eternal fuel for warmth.

I offer light to the others.

Where’s my brother?

Does he know I love him?

Does he see light?

If not, I must show him.