My Name Means Poem

April 1, 2015 Chicago

Treat the process with care, like the construction of a house.

Decorate too soon and you’ll have to protect the furniture from the cement truck.

Lay the foundation first.

But remain open to inspiration.

Fresh ideas will spring up like a mysterious well in your deserted mind.

Drink it up, then direct its flow to drier ground.

We act as aqueducts.

Channeling energy.

Transporting life.

Some dance.

Some paint.

Some build.

Some hate.

While some love and some hope.

Some dream and others make.

We all break, eventually.

Dissipated and erased and recycled and returned.

But for now we all have names.

And with them a story is told.

My name is Dane and that name means poem.

I didn’t always know it.

I used to decorate houses in my mind before the walls were built,

always disappointed that nothing ever looked like my thoughts.

Someone wiser, a fellow writer, set me straight with an admonition:

“Build with your words and decorate later.”

Dreams can’t come true unless you’re dreaming,

so I break ground every night and then toil through the daylight hours.

First comes the structure – the outlet, the framework, and the blueprints.

And here it begins with a poem today.

Another tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the next.

Fate’s placed an oasis in my once desolate mind.

Now it’s time to live into my name.

It’s Dane.

It means poem.

So I’m writing to build a house in which others can reside.