To extremes, like on a pendulum, I swing.

Here now, then a million miles away in a blink.

Distraught upon a taut string,

Repelled as often as I’m held.

You have to breathe air to be here.

Oxygen has never time travelled.

Pulled between who I am today and who I hope to be.

Tension strengthens the string that’s holding life together.

Must. Remember. To. Breathe.

Elusive home is inviting again,

Foundations lie beneath every roof.

Yet, there are tree canopies,

And solid rock can hold up mountains.

Lay a foundation, or scale a peak?

Questions cause tension.

Pay attention,

But let me go.

Let me explore the nothing that’s new under the sun.

We’re all victims of Solomon’s wisdom:

Hopelessly informed, yet infinitely distant.

I envy the ignorant blissful ones. 

One swing for stupidity.

Swing back for responsibility,

Landing in between.

After flying to the other side of the world,

I wearily return home.

My heart is changed.

Longings now send down roots.

The pendulum is no longer as wide,

Now I don’t have to travel so far.