Tonight I used too many words that made too little sense while sitting on a river bank beneath galaxies made visible by dark. Nature’s beauty abided in voiceless authority.

We both like intellectual paths. And so monologues became our feet. She led and I followed, then we changed positions and ventured places we often only go alone.

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There's God

When I fathom the incomprehensible, there’s God. 

When I hear the inaudible, there’s God. 

When I feel the inexplicable, there’s God. 

God’s everything I am and everything I’m not. 

Why are we straining to prove divinity’s existence? 

Is it not because we’ve lost the divine within ourselves?

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Coffee, Then Thinking

Let’s establish something right now and real quick:

Don’t share your thoughts until coffee’s dripped.

And don’t expect small talk before coffee’s sipped.

I’m a slow riser and mean to keep it that way.

I don’t like thinking when I’m not awake.

Have a great idea?

I’m sure it can wait.

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A Day En Transit

We woke up at a 16th century colonial mansion turned backpacker’s inn.

We snuck out quietly as to not wake our sleeping compadres in the bunks around us.

Before 5am the carretera was quieter than we’d ever seen it, minimizing the need to swerve between rickshaws and cattle drives.

The cabbie didn’t have change for our US dollars, so he got a little extra tip.

Perhaps it was a commonly implemented strategy to best departing gringos.

Whatever the case, he left content.

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I wasn’t raised to kiss or venerate icons.

My spiritual leaders told me it was an archaic form of idolatry.

So I sought the attributes of divinity in nature, human faces and modern melodies.

I smelled fragrance of God on all of them.

But then I sought refuge with a brotherhood of monks.

They embraced me like the prodigal.

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Thomas Merton, my soul brother

Thomas Merton already lived out my struggle.

He’s a soul brother who penned thought and emotion more honestly than I allow myself to think. 

His writing looks into a soul being magnetized to God, as the foundations of logic and intellect are stripped away. 

Brother Tom, my accomplished and holy friend, you’ve told me how you went about becoming set apart. 

You’ve been vulnerable in your sharing. 

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