Sun After Dark by Pico Iyer | Book Report

The sound of Pico Iyer’s voice resonated with the spiritual wanderlust longing inside of me before his writings ever did. I’d encountered his conversation on the art of stillness with Krista Tippet on her podcast, On Being, last year, and found myself drawn into the effortlessly elegant way he spoke. It turns out that Iyer’s writing comes across the same way.

If newspapers dedicated a column to the existential wanderings that accompany travel, then Iyer would be its founding Editor in Chief. In this collection of travel essays, Sun After Dark, Iyer is a tour guide of the human experience en transit. In addition to conversations with the likes of Leonard Cohen and the Dalai Lama, he takes you into conversations with Cambodians post-genocide and Yemenis pre-9/11. He’s equal parts journalist, poet, and explorer.

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Bringing ideas into reality | Making Rambles

A little over one month ago

I was venting frustrations to my partner about how so many of my writings, specifically my poems, were in journals gathering dust.

"The whole point," I said, "of writing for hours each day was to create a bountiful batch of writing options to choose from for when it came to time to compile them into a book." 

"Will they ever live in a book?" I worried aloud. 

At that point, as often happens when longing approaches a ledge, I was visited by an idea so energizing that it made me stand up out of my seat:

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