Thomas Merton, my soul brother

April 28, 2015 Chicago, IL

Thomas Merton already lived out my struggle.

He’s a soul brother who penned thought and emotion more honestly than I allow myself to think. 

His writing looks into a soul being magnetized to God, as the foundations of logic and intellect are stripped away. 

Brother Tom, my accomplished and holy friend, you’ve told me how you went about becoming set apart. 

You’ve been vulnerable in your sharing. 

But I wish you were across from me now, so I could ask you what you’d do with apathy and how you’d relate it to fear and doubt. 

Why does apathy come before anger? 

Why does anger signal the need for tears? 

Why is humility so counterintuitive? 

In some eloquent run-on sentence I know you’ve penned an answer somewhere. And just knowing you’ve already lived through these feelings helps me hope that I can live through them too. 

Thanks for being human in a way that disarmed and liberated. 

You’re one of the reasons I want to write. 

If I can feel that I know you like a soul brother simply through your words, then I want to wield the same ability to love and impact others, too.   

Thanks for writing, Brother Tom. 

In my own rambling way, I’ll write you back soon.