Why Not?

You won’t always possess the same dream,

Or think the same thoughts,

Or have this chance,

Everything has an expiration date.

Your life is not exempt.

So now is a good time to ask the question:

Why not?

Hold your life up as the answer.

Big risks yield big rewards;

The biggest being confidence.

Fear loses power when you challenge it.

It cowers back into complacent shadows,

Fading in the light of your confrontation.

So ask yourself often and always,

Trump every nagging question,

Not with “why?”

(“Why?” crafts makeshift reason and loosely-defined logic on the fly.)

You already know why from deep in your gut

“Why?” forces a defense of who you are

It backpedals you into explaining bravery to a crowd of cowards

You could spend your whole life justifying your hopes to doubters

And your dream would never leave the ground.

So be kind to yourself.

Instead, ask, “Why not?”

But don’t reply.

Live your life as an answer louder than words and a voice could provide

Then there will be no need for discussion.